# Introduction

Solidity++ is a programming language for creating smart contracts on the Vite (opens new window) blockchain. Solidity++ is derived from Solidity (opens new window) and embraces Solidity's underlying message passing infrastructure. Solidity++ has an asynchronous design that works well with Vite's high-throughput DAG-based ledger.

# Solidity++ Features

  • Based on Solidity; easy to learn and to port existing contracts.
  • Asynchronous design allows for high throughput on DAG-based blockchains.
  • Secure by default against reentrancy and flash-loan attacks.
  • Support for native tokens, random numbers, scheduled tasks and more.
  • Vite's zero-fee feature (enabled by a lock-for-quota system) enables new possibilities for dApps.

We assume that you are already familiar with Solidity, if not, please read Solidity v0.8.x documentation (opens new window) before starting.