# VEP 8: AccountBlock Data Content Type Definition

# Background

In general, the data field in account block can be used to carry additional information to meet specific demands when sending transaction through tx_sendRawTx API. This document explains the content definition in details.

# Implementation

We propose to set a 2-byte content type flag at beginning of data field to indicate what type of data is followed.

Content type is a uint16 number stored in big endian format. Number 1 (0x0001) - 2048 (0x0800) are reserved and should not be used by a third party.


It is known that content type might be occasionally mis-recognized under the situation calling a smart contract, due to messing-up with the first 2 bytes of a hitting method hash.

# Defined Types

# General Type

Type Type(Hex) Description
Binary data 0x0001 Reserved. Not in use.

# Custom Type

Type Type(Hex) Description
Vite Grin wallet index 0x8001 Data of Grin transaction index
ViteX gateway data 0x0bc3 Data of cross-chain transaction of ViteX gateway