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Built on Vite, a zero gas and lightning fast blockchain, ViteX is a high performance cross-chain order-book DEX that matches the UX in CEXs but exceeds them in security. With a desktop app and a mobile app (iOS + Android), ViteX sees a 18.6K MAU and a daily trading volume of double-digit to 100 BTC. There are currently 60+ coins listed on ViteX and cross-chain trading is made possible by community-run gateways, it will soon be upgraded to community-managed trustless bridges, ViteBridge.

ViteX is of the community, by the community, for the community.

  • Features:
    • Eligible to earn daily dividends. 100% ViteX fee income is distributed to VX holders.
    • Eligible to vote in ViteX governance.
  • Total Supply (No Inflation): 29,328,807.8
  • Distribution: VX, the native token to ViteX, had no presale or private sale, it can only be bought on exchanges or earned in the five following ways:
    • Trading as Mining: Trade in designated BTC, ETH, VITE and USDT markets and receive VX rewards.
    • Staking as Mining: Stake VITE to help ViteX obtain higher level operational Quota and receive VX rewards.
    • Referring as Mining: Generate a referral code to invite friends to join ViteX and get VX rewards.
    • Market-Making as Mining: Help improve order book depth by placing buy and sell orders and receive VX rewards
    • Listing as Mining (Operators Only): Become a ViteX operator and list trading pairs to collect transactions fees and receive VX rewards.


Release schedule29,328,807.8 VX will be released over the course of 8 years as follows:


  • Trustless Cross-Chain:
  • Staying true to a decentralized exchange, ViteX allows anyone to become an Operator in a permissionless manner, and users can create any token pair minted on the Vite chain, making it the perfect platform of liquidity for Vite ecosystem projects.
  • Vite Labs is developing ViteBridge to bring more asset security to trustless cross-chain trading, ViteBridge is deployed on BSC testnet and three more bridges are coming by the end of 2022.